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PearlChain in Ship Management

The ship management industry faces many challenges today, forcing businesses to look for alternative ways to lower operational costs and improve supply chain efficiency.

With continued globalization, there is a demand for increased flexibility that requires new levels of control.

PearlChain is a leading global provider of a fully comprehensive solution that integrates an organization's applications.

This approach eliminates "islands of automation" and provide users with a single source of truth, enabling our customers to face issues such as:

  • Challenging Market Conditions (world economy)
  • Shortage of Specialized technical crew
  • Low freight rates and increased
  • Operating Costs
  • Escalating rates for fuels, raw materials and labor
  • Increased Legislation (regulatory compliance/ fines)
  • Piracy risk, increasing insurance premiums

PearlChain aims to bring greater control and efficiencies to ship management by integrating all the processes into a single intelligent service.

The PearlChain solution replaces a client's fragmented system landscape with a new integrated solution to optimally support the management of the client's business processes.

With ISM, customers have an unparalleled visibility throughout the organization and data analysis.

React in Real-Time

PearlChain offers a way to immediately deal with new circumstances as they occur, changing plans as required, and allocating the right resources to the right place at the right time.

The PearlChain Solution addresses the variable nature of the business, freeing up resource to focus onmanaging and planning activities instead of reacting to unforeseen events.

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